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The Dominie

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Expression, confidence, performance


Children love Drama at The Dominie

Drama builds expressive skills through movement and voice; it develops confidence in the children to present to an audience. Lessons are designed to give plenty of scope for working individually as well as in pairs and in groups to encourage the exchange of ideas.


The teaching of Drama encourages the children to explore their creativity and imagination through varied games, exercises and theatre techniques. They learn how to perform confidently, using self expression through body and voice. They hone skills in improvisation, physical theatre, ensemble work, storytelling as well as some theatrical clowning. Through Drama, the children practise valuable performative and life skills such as listening, presence, self-esteem, trust and play.


The Dominie Talent show, organised and hosted by the older pupils, and The Dominie Christmas Performance are two of our regular highlights in the school calendar much anticipated by parents, pupils and staff.