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The Dominie

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Reading for pleasure


Developing communication for life

Our specialist teachers have the time and resources to adapt their teaching through a range of approaches and techniques to ensure that each child learns in the way that best suits them.


Through our literacy lessons we build knowledge in phonology, word recognition, grammar and language structure and each year all Dominie children take part in English Speaking Board assessments with great success.


Structured story planning enables the children to transfer their creative ideas onto paper. Creative writing is enhanced by touch typing which is taught separately giving each child an additional route to record the written word.


The aim is to develop communication skills for life, by turning literacy into an enjoyable, rewarding experience. At The Dominie the children are given the time and support to develop a love of reading and writing, despite any initial difficulties.


'High-quality teaching, supported by a rich array of effectively deployed resources, enables pupils with dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties to make good progress in their literacy skills.'

Ofsted 2018

'There is a culture of enjoying literature'

Crested 2020