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The Dominie

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The Principal

'Passion, vision and drive'

Ofsted 2018


I am passionate about helping our pupils regain their confidence in learning and to put enjoyment back into their school lives. I have been involved in providing education for children with specific learning difficulties, primarily dyslexia and dyspraxia since 1982. My interest and commitment has never wavered to this day.


The Dominie stands out for a multitude of positive reasons which includes the experience, expertise and commitment of my staff. The size of the school enables all of the staff to have detailed knowledge and insight into every one of our pupils strengths, learning challenges and talents. Every child here has wonderful characteristics that drive our reason and commitment to help them succeed.


The pupils go on to have successful careers via university or other paths they have chosen. I am always thrilled when they come back to share their wonderful news.


Learning is a journey to be savoured and enjoyed with all that it entails - smooth passage, the unexpected, frustration, empowerment and success . It is a life long journey.


Anne O'Doherty

Principal and Proprietor

'The schools proprietor and Principal leads the school with passion, vision and drive'

Ofsted 2018

'Anne O'Doherty is a well-qualified, highly experienced school Principal, whose dedication and passion have been instrumental in creating this unique setting for children with learning differences'

Crested 2020